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LeapDroid Android Emulator For PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP Laptops/Coumputers | Best Android Emulator For Windows

LeapDroid Andrpod Emulator:You need an android emulator to access APK apps and games on your PC. Yeah! You may be aware of Bluestacks program possibly. Still, it’s very popular software among Android users, but it’s not the best anymore.

It’s a brand new emulator in the market, known as Leap Droid. The company is telling that “The most powerful Android game player on PC for free”. Nox App Player is the best alternative for Leapdroid Android Emulator.

download leapdroid android emulator for windows 10 8 7 pc - the most powerful and best android game player on pc for free for windows 32 or 64 bit laptops

There’s one way to verify it; try it out by you. LeapDroid is free after all. So, I guess there’s no stopping now.

Well. You’ve your reason to try android emulator just like all other Adnroiders. But most people prefer to play APK games on the bigger screen.

LeapDroid is compatible with x86 and ARM games and applications. Go to the official site to download it for free.

Why should you install LeapDroid Android Emulator On PC?

leapdroid android emulator comparison with other emulators like bluestacks droid4x

App Compatibility:

LeapDroid is capable to run all kind of apps and games (small and big). If you can download on your phone, you will have no problem for running APKs on your computer.

Keyboard Mapping:

LeapDroid can provide all gesture (on-screen) games controls into your keyboard’s keys correctly. Here, you need to control left and right arrow instead of shipping.

It’s better than pressing your screen repeatedly. What do you think about it? Also, if you play gesture games on PC, then you can avoid scratches on your phone.

Quick and Smooth:

LeapDroid promises to deliver highest FPS during Gameplay with splendid graphics and high-quality performance.


You can run multiple LeapDroid on your PC if you have a robust configuration. Therefore, you can same with different accounts.

Minimum System Requirements To Download And Install LeapDroid Android Emulator On PC(Windows/Mac):

LeapDroid Android Emulator |Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10|:

  • Intel or AMD Duel Core Processor
  • 32/64-bit OS Windows 7 or above (8/8.1/10)
  • Support OpenGL 2.1 or above
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM, (4 GB is most suitable, though)
  • Minimum 2 GB free space on your hard drive storage
  • Hardware Virtualization Technology enabled (AMD or Intel) CPU.
  • Disabled Hyper-V

Key Features of LeapDroid Emulator Windows 10, 8, 8.1 and 7 [32 bit/64 bit]

  • Android 4.4.4 image
  • x86 and ARM apps compatibility
  • GLES 1.1 and GLES 2.0 support
  • Key mapping
  • Text copy and paste between Android and host
  • DirectX Render engine
  • MSI Installer
  • PK drag & drop + install button
  • Full-screen button
  • Custom resolutions using -w -h options
  • GPS key framing
  • New DirectX update (v1.3.1.0)
  • Bug fixes
  • You can directly download top trending android games to your windows/mac laptops. The site has mini app store for Leapdroid Emulator users. It will help you to download the apps and games directly without struggling to find the apk files.

download mobile apps for pc from leapdroid official website

How to download and install LeapDroid on Windows 10, 8.1,8 and 7 (32-bit/64-bit) | Download Leapdroid Offline Installer For Windows:

Play android apps on pc using Leapdroid android emulator

  • Download LeapDroid from the official site (com) at first.
  • You’ll notice a blue button for downloading this software. You should have a high-speed internet connection or else it will take a while.
  • You are going to download over 250MB (266MB). So, it will take some time. If you finished downloading then, it is time proceed to the next step.

leapdroid 266mb file download for windows

  • You need to download the Leapdroid installation file as per your system requirements. LeapDroid Android Emulator is available for Windows 32bit and Windows 64 bit.
  • Go to http://www.leapdroid.com/download.php and download Current Release version file for Windows 32/64 bit computers.
  • It’s time to install LeapDroid on your PC/laptop. Double click on the icon to start the installation process.
  • It will show a notification for adding a new Google account or an existing account. Do whatever you want in this case.
  • Integrate your Google account (old or new) successfully and you are ready to use LeapDroid emulator in no time.
  • You can install apps and games from built-in shortcuts menu or Play Store. You’ll notice a list of the most popular apps on its home screen.
  • Current LeapDroid (v1.3.1.0) is more superior that existing version It has fixed bugs and new DirectX feature. But still if you experience ‘corrupted file’ then, you need to update your graphics driver to solve this issue.
  • I’ll recommend you to check tutorial page once. You’ll see in-depth information about setup and keymapping (keymapping editor and pinch zoom). Let me know if you have any trouble.

 Download LeapDroid Offline Installer For Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP PC/Laptop:

some users are searching for Leapdroid offline installer, but here the thing is Leapdroid is not providing any online installer file. They are providing directly Full version of Windows 32&64 bit MSI files on their official website. You can download the complete Leapdroid Offline installer files by following this url – http://www.leapdroid.com/download.php.

download latest leapdroid for windows 32 64 bit computers

Pros and Cons Of LeapDroid Andriod Emulator:

Leapdroid Android Emulator Pros:

  • Is LeapDroid emulator blazing fast? Well. You can view the benchmarks and compare it with others to decide.
  • Installation is very simple and trouble-free. Anyone can do it.
  • It’s a very clean and elegant Android emulator. No bloatware. You can remove icons easily. Besides, it has your favorite stock Android.
  • You can run all kind of apps (entertainment, sports, educational etc.) and games. The developers are trying to enhance its gaming performance for better experience.
  • Gaming is absolutely fine with it. Enjoy non-stop gaming with stable FPS and stunning graphics.
  • Keymapping is essential for few specific games such as The Bard’s Tale, racing games and more.
  • Sidebar is a very important feature of LeapDroid emulator. It lets you manage key button continuously.
  • Capture Gameplay screenshots with keymapper shortcut menu.
  • You have good enough space for your games and apps data. You have bigger storage on your PC than your Android device after all.
  • It has power user tools and advanced user tools to test, debug and install APKs.

Cons Of LeapDroid Android Emulator:

  • Some apps are not working properly (ex: Snapchat). The developers are trying to boost its compatibility but still it’s not the best yet.
  • Latest LeapDroid (v1.3.0.0 and v1.3.1.0) acquired GPS feature but it doesn’t seem perfect yet. We have to wait for next upgrade to see the changes.
  • You need to restart LeapDroid to run some apps smoothly (like third-party launchers, Play Store and other APKs.
  • Keymapper is a tremendous feature of LeapDroid emulator. But it isn’t very easy to use. It works really well for some games but it lag for other games.
  • It runs on Android KitKat version. It’s alright. But you may disagree if you keen to use latest Android OS.

Note: You’ll find comprehensive tutorials on the official site. You will find all sort of question regarding installation on the tutorial page. Also, you should check its “FAQ” section too to know more or clear your doubts. Discuss with the developers on the forum if you are unable to solve any problem on your own

Final Thoughts And Conclusion:

LeapDroid has few minor problems. But it will be better over the time. It doesn’t take too much space from your hard disk drive. You know the minimum system requirements already. It will be pointless even if I say it’s the most awesome Android emulator right now. So, give it a try and decide on your own. It’s not a difficult task ultimately. So, give it a shot? Will you?